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All You Need to Know About Best Skinny Tumblers

by Marvin

Tumblers have always offered general convenience for holding drinks. Whether you are partying, working an office job, or traveling, they always rise to the occasion and can carry any beverage you wish to take with you. Bset skinny tumblers are also stain-free and reusable, making them a trendy go-to drink container.

skinny tumblers are a type of tumblers that offer a little more than holding drinks. They contain some unique features, some of which are more advantageous than the regular ones. Most of them are referred to as sublimation tumblers and are more durable than regular ones.

The Design and Feature of a Skinny Sublimation Tumbler

As the name suggests, the skinny tumblers have a narrow inner path with a high length. They have a designated area for a straw that sticks out at the top of the skinny tumbler. The inner part of the tumbler, however, is what differentiates it from a regular one.

The stainless steel material that insulates it is made from special solid ink attached by sublimation. This material makes it high quality and cannot easily peel like the others. The best part about them is that you can easily make them at home and customize them to your liking.

What is the Difference Between a Regular and Best Skinny Tumbler?

As stated earlier, they can alternatively be called sublimation tumblers. This name suggests the difference between the two. The skinny tumblers have unique ink cottages attached using sublimation printers. Additionally, they are lighter than regular tumblers.

Types of Stainless-Steel Skinny Tumblers

The difference between them is their standard sizes and weights. The weight is measured in ounces.

1. 20 oz Best skinny tumbler

It is approximately 7 inches in height and has a diameter of 2.75 cm.

2. 16 oz skinny tumbler

This tumbler has a height of 6 inches and a diameter of 2.5 cm.

3. 30 oz skinny tumbler

The 30-ounce tumbler has a height of approximately 9 inches and a width of 2.8 cm.

Benefits of Skinny Tumblers

Unlike regular plastic tumblers, skinny sublimation tumblers come in stainless steel material. Thus, they have many advantages compared to regular tumblers.

1. Higher Quality

The sublimation ink is non-corrodible, unlike the material used to make ordinary tumblers. Hence, they can last long since the skin does not peel off, and the material is long-lasting. Additionally, stainless steel makes denting a bit difficult, increasing the durability of these tumblers.

2. Less Poisonous

Regular best skinny tumblers can corrode, spilling the chemicals and ink into the drinks. In most cases, the drinks contain components like lime which may react with the walls of the container. Since they are non-corrodible, they are safer and cause less, if not zero, poisoning to your drink.

3. Bacteria Free

It is easier for plastic to harbor bacteria compared to stainless steel material. Thus, the skinny tumblers contain little to no accumulated bacteria.


The sublimation skinny tumblers are trendy and worth the hype drink containers. Although they may be a bit pricy compared to the normal ones, their pros outweigh the cons and can save you money in the long run. Its features further make them high-quality investments you should invest in today.

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