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Consider A2 Caliburn as Your Next E-Cigarette Pod

by Marvin

Smoking is a habit that can be hard to quit. It is not uncommon to find someone in one’s close circle who smokes. Smoking cigarettes has been a part of the culture in a lot of countries. A lot of people have decided to quit smoking or tried to shift from cigarettes to much healthier options.

Nicotine gums can help but  avid chain smokers, they desire something like A2 Caliburn that gives them the feeling of smoking, the joy of smoking without  cancer. For them, E-cigarettes are the go-to choice. E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that have been swarming the market in the past few years. They usually work on batteries and have a tank that needs to be filled with the flavored fluid of choice with the referred amount of nicotine of the user. This allows the user s to slowly detox from nicotine.

Why Buy A2 Caliburn?

The days of having a clunky E-cigarette, such as a vape mod have been left behind in the past few months. Users want something that consumed less charge, works better,and has a sleek design that makes it easy for users to grab something that allows them to smoke on the go as the urge to smoke and chances of relapsing into bad smoking habits are always there. Hence, introducing, A2 Caliburn from UWELL.

1. Pocket-friendly Design

The UWELL A2 Caliburn is sleek, compact and easy to grab. The perfect finish allows the users to grab it and use it at their own discretion. The A2 is small in size, but not too small which allows them to fit into the pocket easily, allowing them to be carried easily.

2. Convenient Window to Check E-liquid Levels

The A2 comes with a very convenient window to check the E-liquid levels. This helps the users have an uninterrupted smoking experience. Anytime the fluid level runs lower, the user can easily refill it back up for their enjoyment.

3. Pro-FOCS Technology for Better Flavor Experience

The UWELL A2 Caliburn comes with a Pro-FOCS technology. This technology allows the air to be recycled through the E-fluid. This allows every hit of the UWELL A2 Caliburn to be full of flavor. The space between each vape hit allows the user to take a break and feel the E-fluid tease heir taste buds with flavorful bursts.

4. Can be refilled From the Top

Unlike a lot of vape pods in the market, UWELL A2 Caliburn can be refilled from the top. This easy convenient option allows the users to enjoy their vape sessions without the hassle of spilling their E-fluid on accident while dismantling the complicated tank systems that may be present in other vape pods.

5. Available In Up To 9 Color Shades

Having a favorite color while may seem childish to others, UWELL cares about the happiness of their user. That is why they provide the A2 Caliburn in 9 beautiful shades. The colors are vibrant, stylish and bright.


Anyone who is trying to quit their bad habit of smoking or would like to simply start vaping, Uwell would be a great place to start. Their A2 Caliburn is the perfect choice for anyone from beginner smokers to veteran smokers.  The UWELL has an amazing collection of vape mods and vape pods that can cater to any and every need of the smokers. The A2 Caliburn is an excellent pod to begin with.

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